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Compensation in Indian Telecom Industry

We have received & sent many SMS jokes about this but its time to think more seriously about it. Jobs in Telecom sector are critical in nature. By critical I mean…

  1. Problems in system need to be attended immediately. Night visits are very common.
  2. Even a small mistake can cause revenue loss in Crores of rupees.
  3. Large number of customers is affected by even a single equipment failure. So very high quality equipment maintenance is needed.
  4. On festivals and other holidays, Calls are more than average so, engineers need to be in office. Diwali & New Year eve are too important to stay at home and enjoy.

Telecom sector is booming in India right now. Despite all this, compensation packages of telecom engineers are not as good as IT\Software engineers. Also IT\Software companies provide other benefits like gym, swimming pool, etc but not telecom companies.

This is puzzling me from quite some time now. What can be the reason (s) for this?

Take a quick poll at http://pendu.in/viewtopic.php?t=10

Commercialization of Sports

Commercialisation of sports (cricket actually) is the best thing that happened to sports in India lately.
From last century or so, sports all over the world had taken the shape of hidden war, a fight to show superiority over the competing nation. It created environment of intense emotions and hatred. For example during indo-pak cricket matches, atmosphere is nothing less than that of war.
Hidden motive behind matches of national teams seems to be display of power and superiority. In past, especially in countries ruled by dictators, big rewards were given to winning teams and loosing teams were punished severely.
In sports, pride of the nation is attached to the team of 10-12 players. If they win whole country will make them feel like kings and if they loose their dummies are burned and their homes are pelted with stones.
With commercialisation of cricket and formation of IPL, now players from all over the world play together in a team. Players from same country compete each other, thus no hatred for other nations will be there while fans will get ample amount of the game.
So we should not oppose IPL just because word commercial is attached with it. For the mankind commercialisation is better than war, without any doubt. Another good thing money can do – help us stop spreading hatred.


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