Toy Story 2

Toy Story the movie was good. But i didn’t like it that much. Maybe movies don’t feel that good if you watch them 15 yrs. after they were produced. Maybe that’s why i didn’t like “Dr. Strangelove” either.

Toy story 2 was much better. I really liked it. you don’t expect sequels to be better than originals but its an exception.(So is Terminator 2)

But the biggest personal shock ever shown in a movie was in Toy story 1. You think that you are a super hero, savior of galaxies. You are super strong and super human (too super). Then suddenly you find out the truth, that you are a tiny TOY. No doubts ever crossed your mind about it, no nothing….suddenly when you need your powers the most you get the shock. This really made me feel bad.

If you think biggest shock was in Star wars then that too is covered in Toy Story 2. duh..

I just realized that i never had a toy doll. Maybe that’s why i feel so lonely….I don’t even remember which toys I used to play with….. mmmm…….Some really small cars and a police truck with a roll over trick……No other toys ????.. I can’t believe this. Either my parents don’t like me or I am suffering from memory loss.