Scott Adams, MBA 1986, creator of the comic st...

I love Scott Adams the creator of “Dilbert”. I didn’t say i love “Dilbert” because I love Wally, Asok, Pointy haired boss, Alice and rest of them as well.

I can’t believe that someone can be so awesome. My Indian-ness is compelling me to give him the status of a god. So lets call him god of wittiness.

Believe me I am not one of those Indians who laugh everytime somebody slips on banana. Also Jim carry fails to get a laughter from me.

But Scott Adams is so good that i want to hug him and kiss him (of course, on the cheek). As a Punjabi its difficult for me to show love without touching.

My favorite character in “Dilbert” is Wally (it sounds awkward to me !!!). He is full of eternal knowledge. He knows the world better than anyone else except Dogbert (yeah criteria is Knowledge and intelligence). But as he doesn’t have any ‘bad motives’ and appears more regularly than Dogbert (Notice i use “D”) so i will give him a chance to be my favorite for a while.

Mean time you can see my collection of Best of Dilbert.