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Slumdog Millionaire

Brilliant movie, much better than normal Bollywood crap. I could have given credit to the Director. But he is British and British movies suck as much. I have discussed about british movies in another post.

I can’t believe that it is based on a novel (namely Q&A) by an Indian author (Vikas Swaroop). I always thought that Indians are not that good at being creative but then maybe its a true story.

Everybody is asking why didn’t bollywood directors think of it…..because they don’t like to read (that much) they prefer to watch so mostly they make movies after ‘watching’ it…on TV or on screen.

These white people read a book and make a movie based on it but Bollywood guys don’t like reading and the stuff so they see “that movie” and make a movie (or movies) based on it. Some fools call it copying. What’s the difference between reading a book and making a movie based on it……… and watching something and making a movie about it. Now that ‘something’ can be a movie also…whatever.

Again movie was good but ‘being an Indian’ it was bit difficult to watch. They have shown that part of India which no Indians want to see…unless they are feeling the “pressure”.It was like that you are in toilet and everything is made of glass including your commode (and you can’t close your eyes).

There are really good actors in the movie, Irrfan Khan (my favorite) was good as usual.

Sourabh Shukla the good old fatty did his job well except that “Galis”, his pronunciation was not that good.

Anil Kapoor has done well. From his first scene i knew he didn’t like the guy, he made it loud and clear by his expressions. He is defying age like Rekha and Gurdas maan.

But the question is why didn’t he like the boy, he made his show more famous…i don’t see writer’s point here.

Dev Patel (hero) is amazing, he really looked ‘baffled’ in whole movie and i guess that’s what he was supposed to do.

Sometimes i get this feeling that people who act out a role really well… are actually not acting, they are just being themselves. They don’t act they just be. They are just like the role they play and their real life personality is what they portray on-screen.

It seem a good idea for a role of intelligent guy get an engineer for the role of a dumb girl get any girl (better if she is beautiful). Maybe sometime Bollywood directors will get this.

Guys who played the role of hero’s childhood avatar are really cute.

Girl in the movies was not that good, maybe i am feeling so because of my ‘general’ hatred towards not so fair girls.

But in the scene when she was driving to get to the hero and was stuck in traffic jam yelling “come on” (or something like that) she looked worse than dumb college girls trying to act on a TV show. yeah i m talking about acting.

Director Danny Boyle has done a great job. From bollywood perspective his style was ‘different’ and refreshing.

Even in this movie he didn’t forget to point to scotland (trainig in the call center scene) as he does with all his movies. And ofcourse the opening shot is a shot from the middle of the movie, his trademark.

I don’t know much about second direcor Loveleen tandan except that she is “white” and beautiful.

So what this movie is saying ?

If you can go through ‘shit’ (you know what i mean if you have seen the movie) for an autograph then you can be overnight millionaire.

That’s why i am still broke i guess. I am not desperate enough to go through ‘that’ …..yet.

But apparently this irked Big B and he rightly said that India is not about slums and dogs only. India may not be “only’ about slums and dogs, but some part of it is still about slums and dogs. We shouldn’t deny the truth.

Apart from this “truth” thing, white people don’t have such slums in their neighborhood (i guess) that’s why when they come to India and see what they have never seen before they forget every thing else. Some Indians don’t like it though.

With that autograph scene and role of KBC anchor as semi-villain (i don’t know, why? why? why?) its natural for Big B to get angry and he should have said (so instead of slums and odgs thing).

Like all other movies cute (and white) looking guy was a ‘good guy’ and not so cute (and dark) looking guy was a ‘bad guy’. Its so easy to differentiate between good guys and the bad guys. But then how British people think that Iranian, Palestinian and Turkish people are bad guys. Don’t tell me they don’t. Loveleen Tandan is definitely “white” in her direction.

I think some British people understand this and making movies where not so ‘white’ guts are NOT villain (Shrek 3). Indians are also suffering from same disease but for the time being i am only talking about British.

I will repeat the question, why Anil Kapoor didn’t like the hero ?

So how should India deal with slums and dogs? Easiest way is to kill them all. I will talk about other options later in some other post.

Disrespect for call center people is something foreign i guess. We Indians don’t hate call center people. How can we hate ourselves. So this was wriiten with British perspective in kind.

Rich and famous Indians hate poor indians even if they make their “show” more famous thus help them earn more.

One more thing that you can learn from movie is that killing bigger villains makes you lesser of a villain if not hero (no matter what you have done in the past). Think of Saleem.

Now the best scene of the movie.

A.R. Rahman's award

A.R. Rahman's award

Why on earth anybody will present music direcotr’s name with toilet (can we call it that?) in the background?

Is it a coincidence that some people (not me) think his music is just crap ? or it was a hint that he will get golden globe award.

I think White people are so much attracted to such things that when they saw this scene their subconscious mind associated the Name with the backgrond so they ended up awarding him.

Its all written. So if you are poor, smelly, thief  or killer its just your destiny (blame the God).

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