Its the Best “Jugni” i have ever heard. Awesome!! Great initiative by Coke Studios.

Recently was discussing with a friend how new singers end up portraying Jugni as a woman.  But then its their style, i don’t mind.

Meesha is a pleasure to hear as well as watch (despite my hatred towards size zero). Really liked the way she sang. Liked the way she pronunced ਦੁਣੀਆ.. ਜੁਗਣੀ.

Specially liked the way she was looking at Aarif lohar at 3:58. Maybe was thinking “ਆਹ ਕੀ ਚੀਜ਼ ਆ ? ਗੋਲੂ ਮੋਲੂ ਪਪਲੂ ਟਾਈਪ ” :)

Aarif lohar doesn’t need my words he has a great legacy.

I am not sure if three birds at the last branch were that good at singing but they definitely made the video a pleasure to watch.

Loved this song, although my friends didn’t like my singing attempt at “Dum Ghutkoon”.

But who cares. Dum Ghutkoon, Dum Ghutkoon..